Our family pictures this summer were the best experience! It was the first time we ever had genuine smiles as we were truly having fun.  Hats off to Anna for the quality pictures and capturing these moments.”

-Erin R.

Having my picture taken is on my top ten list of “Things I Dread”, right behind having a root canal or cleaning out the drain. So I was very pleased when Anna said to “choose a favorite spot” to have our pictures taken. Right from the beginning, Anna put us at ease. Pretty soon I forgot we were doing a photo shoot and was having fun interacting with my son and our dog. I received multiple comments about our pictures, but one photo in particular sticks out in my mind. I am looking at my son teenage son with just a glint of tears in my eyes. Many friends have said, “you can tell how much you love him in that photo”. I remember thinking when that was taken how grown up he looked. He wasn’t my little boy anymore but isn’t quite a man yet either. Every time I look at that photo it still brings tears to my eyes. It was a day I will remember for the rest of my life. Thank you Anna!

-Susan S

Asking Anna with Moments Captured to do our photography was one of our best decisions! We didn’t have a lot of time, and basically gave her free rein to take photos as she wished, and they were fantastic. She really captured the heart and soul of the wedding, both action shots and the stills (such as the dress, the rings, etc). So very friendly, she really added to the day as well. She also provided the photos very quickly. Many photographers will put them up on a website with watermarks, etc, but Anna had the option of providing all the photos on a CD so we could send individual photos to friends and family. A nice option that really made it feel she cared about the people and photos, and was not just another business trying to make a profit. All in all, had a lot of fun with Anna and highly recommend her!”

-Alisha & Ben

Anna thank you so much for a gift that lasts forever!  Our photos are amazing!  We all take so many pictures these days and think that’s great, BUT the reality is what you do with your camera and your heart is so beyond what I could ever had hoped for.  I am a picture person; I have them all over my home.  Some are professional, most are not, but there is none that have captured those beautiful moments as you have done!  I love to see your photo posts, they touch my heart!  Thank you!  Looking forward to the next photo shoot!”

-Lori F.

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