I’ve been pondering the feel I want to this blog…going between solely blogging about photography gigs to blogging about my personal life to blogging about whatever beauty comes to mind via a photograph.  I haven’t been writing much the past few months, in great part because I feel I have come to a sort of a bottleneck effect.  My lack in writing has not been because of a lack of business, lack of photographs taken, or lack of inspiration. Actually, it’s been quite the opposite.  I have ideas flowing throughout my head all the time, and literally thousands of unedited photos on my computer. I feel at times they are flowing faster than I have time to keep up with.  When something rises to the surface, I hit the “is this appropriate material for my photography blog?” question.  In 2014, I vow to break through the bottleneck, sharing my inspirations one at a time.

Today, I am resting in the place of blog material here being anything that moves me because of a photograph.  I feel it important for prospective clients to know their photographer.  To see their pictures and feel moved by them, but also to know a bit of their spirit.  I can think of no better way to do that than reveal pieces of myself in writing, and non-business related shooting.  Despite the belief of many, it is not the camera behind the photographer that makes the photos, or their lenses, or years of experience or training.  It is the heart.  The heart that speaks to the eye and comes out via the lens.

So for 2014, I will play with using this space as a platform for a wider scope of photography, not just shooting for paid clients.  I hope to reveal pieces of who I am, and what I find beautiful, via blogging and the use of my images.  Before the image for today, I just want to say thank you to all of you who have supported me in any way.  From hiring me for your family shoot, your once of a lifetime experience of a wedding, or the birth of your child, to the moments you don’t want to forget.  I consider it an honor and am continually humbled to do what I do.  And thank you to those who support me in different ways, sharing how an image has struck you, referring me to friends and family seeking a photographer, and following my work on facebook.

I just finished editing the pictures from my solo camping trip through Michigan’s Upper Peninsula this past September.  I’ve never camped by myself before, and it was an amazingly transformative time for me.  I don’t want to fill this post with all words and little photography, so I’ll share more of that experience in posts to come.  For now, I just want to share the power and importance of self-care, of silence and personal retreat, of experiencing and embracing beauty.  I loved the quiet moments of this time, and the unending supply of gifts of beauty.

IMG_1771 IMG_1829 IMG_1920 IMG_2240These and similar pictures available for purchase here.


2 thoughts on “Ponderings

  1. Sairy Franks

    As someone who both shares in a heart-based community with you AND has experienced your presence and skills as a professional photographer, I can attest to the depth of your heart and the way it shines through in your work. When you photographed my family’s reunion it was as if you were part of our family, seeing in a matter of minutes what we have been working over several generations to create. As you know, my whole family loves not only the photos, but you and your heart as well. I feel privileged to witness your heart, intuition and dedication to self and community. I recommend you over and over again to birth clients, and anyone I meet. Thank you, Anna.

  2. Anna Grimm Post author

    Thank you so much Sairy, for the kind words. And also for the affirmations…sometimes we can become so caught up into our own world that we can’t see as clearly the impact we make. It feels good to know that what I intend to portray and give comes across that way – thank you!


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