More Testimonials

Anna has the professional eye and emotional instinct to capture very special moments in a family’s life.  She captured the best photos of our brain-injured daughter since her accident 18 years ago.  Anna used her artistic vision to snap the photos at just the right angles and poses so Jenny looked beautiful and natural.”

-Mary L.

Anna’s work is amazing, not just in photo quality, but in the way she produces her shoots.  We had her shoot our three month old, and she was so patient even though our little miss wasn’t in the best of moods that day.  She found the beauty even in a fussy baby…she waited as we had to break for the baby to eat.  She just let us be us, and captured the beauty of it.  That photo shoot, and our wedding that she also captured, was the most easy and laid back photo shoot I have ever had, which made it so enjoyable, comfortable, and non-forced.  She’s a natural and I would recommend her to anyone!”

-Jessi B.

My family and I had a wonderful experience being photographed by Anna.  The process felt very natural and relaxed instead of stiff and posed, and I think that feeling is reflected in the photographs she took.  Best of all, it felt like an experience that happened to be captured with photographs – not just another posed session in a room.”

-Bronwen H.

Our family had such a great time during our photo shoot.  After we were done I asked my five year old what he thought and he said “it was really fun, just playing together.  I didn’t even mind getting my picture taken.”  For this family of six, this was the best thing we could have done to get family pictures.  Not to mention that our pictures came back even better than I could have imagine!”

-Amy L

Anna was ready for an adventure the moment we arrived and my kids LOVED that!  I was amazed when I saw my pictures, as she caught the most natural and sincere looks on my kids’ faces.  She even made me feel comfortable enough to get in a picture or two with the kids, which I had NOT planned on…and I couldn’t be happier to now have those pictures for years to come!”

-Kristin S.

By the amazing gift of talent of photography and the beauty of amazing soul, Anna is able to literally “capture moments,” and that for me is a true gift.  Moments that I wanted to never end, Anna was able to lock up in a photo so that they truly never, in a sense, now have to end…my love sealed with a kiss, the tears that wet my cheek, laughter, silliness, amazement, sadness…all captured by an amazing, caring wonderful photographer.  Moments Captured is truly what it says…forever grateful!”

-Tara K.

My experience with Moments Captured Photography was AMAZING!  Anna captured moments of my two very active boys that are priceless.  Her patience with my kids was remarkable.  She made it fun and adventurous the entire time.  The kids didn’t want to go because they were having so much fun just being kids outside!  I can’t wait to get another photo session in the summer.  Hands down Anna has an amazing eye and great talent.”

-Amanda F