Living in the Moment

I thought I’d share a little bit about the background image you see throughout my website.  I took this picture on Old Mission Peninsula while on an adventure with a few girlfriends.  On our walk back to shore, I noticed a bunch of seagulls perched atop the rocks.  They were a fair ways away from us, but I remember thinking aloud, “I wish someone would run out there, right into the middle of that flock of birds.”  Without skipping a beat, my friend Amy set down her bag, held onto her skirt, and took off running.  I quickly got over my moment of surprise and just started shooting.  This is my favorite from that moment, and has easily worked its way into just about everything I do in marketing Moments Captured.

I am consistently drawn to the idea of living in the moment and finding beauty right where you are. I admire this friend for her natural ability to do just that, wherever she is.  It’s care-free, nothing weighing you down, breathing in the goodness of life.  I’m so thankful I nailed the settings on this shot – I simply love it!

Amy_LRThis image is available for purchase here.

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