I have had a blog post brewing inside for a LONG time…revolving around the idea of how photography has shaped my life in some pretty significant ways.  Instead of waiting until the whole idea is clear, I am going to address it in parts.  And for now, focus on the idea of expectations.

I cannot tell you how often I have walked into an experience with my camera with the hopes of a particular experience or outcome; maybe an inspiration that has developed for me, or an idea I have that I would like to create or find – only to walk away with nothing.  The let down can be tremendous, the wind taken out of my sail.  It is not something I enjoy…so as it goes for me, I have wrestled with this and believe I have come to a peaceful resting spot. It is probably the convergence of several things in my life that have allowed me to do this, the change in my employment two and a half years ago, the energy that has come from the successful birthing and growing of two businesses, the spirit that has been awakened inside of me…and others.

I approach things differently that I once did.  When I walk into an experience, whether it is with my camera or not, on a paid photo shoot or simply shooting for my own personal interest – I have grown to be much more peaceful with what is, rather than look for what I want or expect.  And in so doing, I have been graced with inspiration and reward.

Most recently was a trip to spend time photographing the therapeutic herd at Peace Ranch.  I have been hearing how playful the horses have been in these cold Northern Michigan mornings, so sought the first available morning I had to try and capture some of the fun with my camera.  Since I do not live there, I cannot just go out when the wind is blowing and they are running, so I just hope to capture some of it on my frequent visits.  Well, you can probably guess what happened, there I am with my camera and there was no movement to speak of…I remember thinking to myself as I walked around the snowy pasture, this is still beautiful and I am so thankful for this opportunity. What a terrific way to start the day! I did not give up and go home, I stayed…some of the time in silence, doing nothing more than standing/crouching and breathing.

Lesson for life – be open to the possibilities.  Things do not often play out just as we expect them, but that does not mean there is not beauty in what does…or that growth can happen regardless. Kids do not always perform during family shoots as parents would like…but I challenge you parents to trust that I will capture them regardless.  For when you can go with the flow, meet people and experiences where there are at, there is more comfort, therefore better results. Instead of morning play at the ranch, I captured some beautiful portraits of some of the members of the herd.  And for that I am thankful.

IMG_4539-2 IMG_4522 IMG_4423 IMG_4397 IMG_4346 IMG_4308IMG_4337 IMG_4281Photos available for purchase here.

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