Blindness Hits

I’m struggling with how to start, there’s so much to her story.  Maybe you’ve seen glimpses of it on either mine or PEACE Ranch’s Facebook page.  I would like to help tell it, someday.  But not yet. As I sit here tonight, actually ever since I was in the moment yesterday afternoon, Fiona has been [...]
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Family Reunion Love

It has been far too long since my last entry…the only excuse I can think of is that my creative brain has become so full the past few months of moments of joy and inspiration, that it has been hard for me to pick out just one thing at any moment to write about.  So [...]
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Different Than Expected

The first thing I do after importing a photo shoot onto my computer (and backing it up), is to go through the pics, and start deleting so the gallery is manageable, for both the client, and for my editing.  I don’t know many people who want to go through 500 pictures to choose the one [...]
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Power of a Photograph

I just sold a print of this image to someone who, upon seeing it said “Anna, I LOVE the sound of the horses running while I’m in the pasture…and this photo makes me makes me hear and feel it!”  THAT, is the power of a photograph, the power that I seek to capture, the power [...]
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SALE on Newborn Photo Sessions!

All these beautiful images of Benjamin’s entrance into the world has gotten me in the mood for BABIES!!  So here comes a sale!!  If you book a newborn photo session during the month of June, and pay a deposit – you can have the 1.5-2 hour session for HALF OFF! The session can take place [...]
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