Ice Shards

I was driving to Leeland the other day for some beach photography and stopped dead in my tracks on the side of the road, alongside Lake Leelanau.  From the road, I saw little spikes on the ice, like shards of glass.  When I got out and closer, I was simply in awe at the beauty. [...]
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I have had a blog post brewing inside for a LONG time…revolving around the idea of how photography has shaped my life in some pretty significant ways.  Instead of waiting until the whole idea is clear, I am going to address it in parts.  And for now, focus on the idea of expectations. I cannot [...]
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I’ve been pondering the feel I want to this blog…going between solely blogging about photography gigs to blogging about my personal life to blogging about whatever beauty comes to mind via a photograph.  I haven’t been writing much the past few months, in great part because I feel I have come to a sort of [...]
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Mini Sessions

Contact me now to schedule your mini session!  
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Something About Her

I had an early morning photo shoot at Peace Ranch last week.  I got there early, as I typically do for a shoot, to just breathe in the place before my client arrived.  After eyeballing the spots we would go for various shots, I decided to pay Fiona a visit. Something about her draws me [...]
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