Blindness Hits

I’m struggling with how to start, there’s so much to her story.  Maybe you’ve seen glimpses of it on either mine or PEACE Ranch’s Facebook page.  I would like to help tell it, someday.  But not yet.

As I sit here tonight, actually ever since I was in the moment yesterday afternoon, Fiona has been on my mind.  The image of this beautiful animal, broken, afraid, and thirsty…tentatively moving toward the sound of water splashing in a bucket…the simple act of drinking now difficult. She depended on her ears and rested on a trust that was only three months young, as she only recently, and very suddenly lost the sight in her one good eye.  She is now totally and completely blind. As Jackie moved around, she spoke softly to let Fiona know where she was.


In the moment yesterday, I saw true compassion given by Jackie, and a respect for the adjustment to this unexpected obstacle in Fiona’s life. I saw the trepidation in Fiona, uncertainty, and then the satisfaction from a healthy drink of water.  Her equine caregiver moved, she followed. I imagine she seeks to be close to him. He gives her comfort.

Fiona’s rescue story has taken a turn, and it continues.  My heavy heart feels peace knowing she won’t do it alone. And that she was able to successfully nestle into her adoptive home before the full blindness hit.

You can read more of Fiona’s rescue story on the PEACE Ranch blog.

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